Letter Writing is a part of IBPS PO Mains examination & it is necessary too. After being a Probationary Officer in the bank, you may be required to write a letter to your senior as well as juniors regarding any matter. So, you should be prepared for this before you get selected. And let me assure you that there is no need to panic to write a letter, it is a cakewalk. Yes, it is. It is just another form of chatting and messaging what we do always. You just need to learn some common rules and after that Letter writing will never be a sacring subject for you, if it is.

A letter is simply a message written by a person on behalf of himself or an organisation to some another person or organisation. It is written simply to convey a message of mutual concern or for other reason as well. Letters can be broadly classified into two types i.e. Formal Letter & Informal Letter. Let’s understand one by one.

Formal Letter Writing for IBPS PO

A Formal letter is a letter written in a formal language. It is written from a person/organisation to another person/organisation to convey a matter of common concern. It may be an appreciation letter or maybe a complaint letter. We will not dive into the detail of that, So let’s take a look at the main parts of a formal letter.

Letter writing for IBPS PO mains

Here, an actual formal letter is given which is based on the above pattern.

Let’s assume your name is Virat/Anushka  😉 (You may either use Ranveer/Deepika) 😎 . You have to write a letter to the bank manager to grant an Education loan for your further studies.

Formal letter

Important points to remember while writing a Formal Letter

  • The Subject of the Letter and Salutation can be interchanged i.e. you can write the subject & then Salutation or vice versa.
  • Try to divide the body of the letter into three paragraphs (most preferably). The first paragraph should be the introductory part related to the subject. The second should be about the main part of the letter & the third part should be the ending part which may contain the conclusion or your expectations etc.
  • The Closure Salutation maybe something like this based on the type of letter.

Closure Salutation of formal letter

Informal Letter Writing for IBPS PO

This is somewhat easier to write as compared to the formal letter. But you will not get the advantage of getting marks for the format of the letter as this is compressed form of the formal letter. Here, it is not required to write receivers address, the subject of the letter, writers designation in the informal letter.

An Informal letter is simply written by us to our friends, parents, siblings, or any other relative etc. The format of the informal letter is as shown below.

Informal Letter

Here an actual Informal Letter is given based on the above format.

Assume that you are Virat. So, write a letter to your friend Rohit to invite him to your birthday party. 😎

Informal Letter

We hope that you enjoyed. So, don’t panic. Letter writing is really fascinating. We welcome your queries in the comment box if any.

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